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Drive2Pass is one of the pioneers and famous driving school of Calgary in Alberta, Canada, working with the missionary spirit of producing skilled and efficiency oriented new drivers since a long time. We impart practical as well as theoretical knowledge on roads as well as in class rooms through our qualified and experienced instructors.

Drive2Pass also has a class room lecture attendance program to import knowledge of driving rules and to develop positive attitude for new driver, and all these programs are government approved. In class room we are discussing new topics of driving with new drivers through videos, books, pre-test papers. We also provide the insurance reduction certificate after completing the driving course which is acceptable by all insurance companies and it reduces your insurance premium.

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One of our training cars
Making sense of traffic signs

As we all know Canada is immigrant country and majority immigrant come from China, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, etc. They all know how to drive in their native countries but they are not familiar with road signs and road markings which is a big part of Canadian driving culture. At Drive2Pass driving school all our instructor take great care of all the customers to make sure they learn all road signs and road marking.


Drive2Pass Driving School offers programs that meet or exceed all standards and regulations set by the Government of Alberta. We will get you driving responsibly in no time!

Calgary Driving Courses

We want to help new drivers feel confident on the road. Whether you are studying for your learner’s licence or getting ready to take driver testing, we can help you prepare.

Defensive Driving Courses

If you’re looking to improve your defensive driving skills or get up to three of your driving demerits removed, our in-class Defensive Driving Course can help you achieve just that.

Brush Up Courses

Brush-up Courses are designed for experienced drivers wanting to refresh their driving skills and for those drivers who require additional professional training prior to licence examination.

Winter Driving Courses

Learn a valuable skill on how to drive in extreme winter conditions. As we know Calgary winter can be really tough, we offer expertise in winter driving conditions.


At Drive2Pass, we are committed to “First in Safety”. We train our student to drive defensively and skillfully.

  • Basic

  • Call +1 403-805-6688 for prices
    • 10 hrs of Road Training
    • 15 hrs of Theory
    • Insurance Certification

  • Basic Plus

  • Call +1 403-805-6688 for prices
    • 6 hrs of Road Training
    • 15 hrs of Theory
    • Insurance Certification

  • Premium

  • Call +1 403-805-6688 for prices
    • 14 hrs of Road Training
    • 15 hrs of Theory
    • Annual Purchase

  • Brush-up

  • $125
    • 2 hrs of Road Training
    • Practice session for better performance
    • Quick evaluation of your driving
    • Quick driving

  • Car for Road Test Basic

  • $60
    • Use of School Car for Road Test
    • With above mentioned courses and brush-up
    • With above

  • Car for Road Test Advance

  • $80
    • Use of School Car for Road Test
    • With above mentioned courses and brush-up
    • With above

  • Defensive Driving Course (DDC)

  • $180
    • 4 hrs of Road Training
    • 6.5 hrs of Theory
    • Get 3 demerit points back
      and free

There’s a bunch of awesome people working with us.

Drive2pass offers one of the most comprehensive instructional programs in town – with prices those are hard to beat! This combined with a solid grounding of classroom theory gives students the foundation they need to become successful drivers and maintain a clean driving record.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When can I start my driver training course?

A. You can start anytime when courses are available. Please call our office and check the availability for driving classes and times. We are available to answer 24/7.

Q. How do I go about getting my Class 7 Learner’s License, and where can I get it from?

A. Before applying for your Class 7 Learner’s License, you must be sure to study the Alberta Government Handbook and pass the qualifying exam. You can take the exam at any one of the government-approved registry offices located throughout Calgary on payment of the approved fee.

Q. Before I enroll in my driving course, will I need to take a medical check-up?

A. If you are applying for the basic driving license it is up to you whether you get a medical check-up. However, medical check-ups are required if you plan to enroll to get your driving license for Class 1, 2, 3 or 4 licenses. It is also wise to get a medical check-up if you are uncertain about your state of health or have any medical issues that may affect your ability to drive in any way.

Q. What happens if I cancel my scheduled in-car lesson on the same day?

A. 48 hours’ notice is required to cancel any in-car driving lesson. If you cancel the same day, there will be a cancellation fee.

Q. Is it necessary to have the Class 7 Learner’s License with me during registration? When do you require this license?

A. We do not need it during the course registration process but we do require your Class 7 Learner’s License before you start the in-car driving lessons.

Q. Who will test me once I finish your driving course?

A. We cannot administer the test itself – this is always conducted by a qualified Alberta Registry office official. However, we can provide you with the same vehicle you have been practicing in, for a small fee.


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Call us on (403) 805-6688

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